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Empowering women

For pelvic pain and incontinence

The Vitality health clinic offers a state of art integrative and non-invasive technique to help restore pelvic health of women, after childbirth or during advanced age.

Women who may be prone to Pelvic pain:


Pelvic organ prolapse such as cystocele or rectocele


Vaginal childbirth


Pelvic surgery of any kind such as: laparoscopy, laparotomy, etc.


Pain during sex


Urinary or bowel incontinence

Pelvic pain has a devastating effect on women’s life as it not only affect daily functions like doing the laundry or travelling but it also takes away one of the precious joy of motherhood such as playing and jumping on the trampoline with your gorgeous child.

How is the programme delivered?

The Empowering women programme is delivered over the period of 6-8 weeks via intense individual weekly sessions to enhance pelvic health.

Some of the areas which are dealt with treatment involve:

In depth consultation to determine the influence of your posture, diet, physical activity, thinking and emotional pattern on your present symptoms.

Explore non-invasive Pelvic pain management techniques

Provide a structured but fun-filled exercises based on OT, Yogic asanas and dance to tighten your pelvic floor muscle, increase strength and function of your core muscles: diaphragm, abdomen, back and leg muscles.

Postural advice for sitting, standing and toileting.

The programme analyses blockage in your chakras, the energy centres, like Root chakra/ muladhar chakra and then guides you to overcome that blockage with chakra balancing exercise.

Diet advice to increase intake of the food that will nourish your pelvic floor and avoid those that cause irritation, plus the option of following Ayurvedic lifestyle which has been shown to assist pelvic healing is also provided.

Tools used include Mindful meditation and Yog nidra, which helps to enhance well-being experience and also relives stress.

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