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Weight Management

A weight loss program that works!

We've All Been There! We lose weight, put it back on, and lose it again. We try a new diet or a new pill. We over-exercise or we under-eat. We give up and start over again. It's a frustrating, lonely cycle that's physically and mentally exhausting.

Vitality Weight Management Programme gives you a better way to lose weight.

Small Changes. Big Results.

A registered health professional will guide you to set a realistic weight goal and to make a few changes at a time, so as to achieve and maintain a healthy weight and, importantly, sustain a healthy life.

Our belief is:
“A Healthy life is more than what you eat or how often you exercise. It’s even more than just essential steps to wellness. It’s energy to fully live the game of life.”
Anthony Robbins.

How do we deliver the promise?

  • The 6-8 week programme will include an in depth consultation assessing and analysing:
    1. Your physical fitness
    2. Your nutritional intake
    3. How your thoughts, emotional and psychological pattern are contributing to the current weight.
  • The programme will also guide you to set a SMART goal to safely reduce your body weight by:
1. Mastering the Art of Eating Well You will be empowered to understand:
  • portion size control
  • nutritional labelling
  • how best to utilize food for your lifestyle
  • how best to utilize exercise for your lifestyle
  • The programme will help you discover the pleasure of nutritious eating.
2. Sitting Less, Moving More Structured approach to increase your physical activity. 3. Managing Your Stress Recognize your stressors for overeating. Then utilise tools such as Yoga, Mindful meditation and Stress Management increasing your motivation, confidence and self-efficacy to make this lifelong positive change. 4. Defeating Negative Thoughts Replace unhelpful self-talk with a positive perspective and improved body image. 5. Gaining Control of Your Environment Modify your surroundings — at home and at work — so healthy options are the only options. 6. Managing Your Time Carve out more time for healthy eating, exercise and sleep by adjusting your priorities and your schedule. 7. Navigating Difficult Situations Learn to make healthy choices, even when you dine out and travel. 8. Keeping the Weight Off Enjoy your success while increasing your activity level, varying your diet, and strengthening your skills. 9. Rebounding From Lapses Adopt the mind-set and strategies that prevent minor slip-ups from sabotaging all you have achieved. 10. Maintaining Motivation Stay inspired by revisiting your values, rewarding yourself, celebrating and having fun. Contact us