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Smoking Cessation

Congratulations for taking the first step in deciding that you want to quit and lead a life full of energy!

Let us help you on this healthy path towards a more vibrant life!

Our Smoking Cessation Program will enable you to quit smoking in ways that are safe, realistic, and sustainable. Your old detrimental habit will be replaced by new health-promoting, enjoyable habits which will ultimately create a clean and pure environment for you and your loved ones!

A safe way to overcome nicotine addiction

A smoking cessation programme offered by a HCPC registered OT with advanced training in heart disease and smoking cessation will help you to quit smoking successfully. We offer a high level of support to ensure that your cessation programme is both achievable and sustainable.

The right tools and support for every person

Everyone quits differently. Our programmes are individually-tailored for you and our tools cover all aspects of your life, health, and well-being, ensuring you are fully supported at all times:

Counselling Mindful meditation, breathing and coping strategy training Validation of
Email support

How the programme will help you get results?

  • Initial consultation to assess your dependence on smoking and to recognise the current patterns of your habit.
  • A 6 week programme which combines counselling to increase motivation to quit and mindful meditation to help quell the urges to smoke.
  • A referral to your physician for medication prescription.
  • Assess your stage of behaviour change and help you to move to the next stage of quitting smoking by taking specific ACTIONS!
  • Identify and manage your physical, psychological, emotional, and social triggers.
  • Prepare your work and home environment to decrease cues to smoking and assist you in your attempt to quit.
  • Monitor your Carbon Monoxide reading at each session to provide further motivation for your successful quit attempt.
  • Celebrate success by identifying healthy rewards for yourself.
  • Learn and practice stress management through mindful meditation. This technique also provides unconscious support to help you deal with smoking urges more effectively.
  • Physical activity and healthy eating habits guidance to manage weight gain due to smoking cessation.
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