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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does it work?
    • Packages offered by the “Vitality health clinic” are bespoke and take care of every stage of a person’s life. The initial consultation lasts up to 1hour 30 minutes. On booking an appointment you will be asked to complete a questionnaire (emailed to you) and return this prior to the appointment; this ensures a focused approach; time is not wasted obtaining basic information.

      The consultation proceeds with obtaining further information in relation to family history, current diet and lifestyle in order to help identify areas that could be contributing towards health issues.

      SMART Goals are set up and manageable diet and lifestyle recommendations are then agreed upon. A follow up consultation is then booked for six to eight weeks, in order to achieve the SMART goals.
  • What are my or our organisation’s choices?
    • Service is delivered in two ways:

      Individual session: The Vitality health clinic offers a bespoke tailored programmes which suits your individual life-style factors considering your medical history. The result is specific and unique to your individual make-up, so the goals can be realised.

      Executive Health: A Corporate Wellness Workshops gives you and your organisation a chance to experience improved productivity and attract and retain the best workforce.
  • Do you offer service over Skype?
    • No matter where you live – Asia, America or Europe, you can book a session.
  • Will I have to see you for the rest of my life?
    • The aim of program is to empower you with right tools and skills which you can use effectively and successively for the rest of your life. However, a regular follow up, once in 6 months, is highly recommended to preserve your revived healthy life.