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Corporate Wellness Workshops

A Secret to Successful Weight Management

Being overweight is an increasing health problem experienced by many employees. It not only increases your risk of chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure or heart attack but it also affects employee’s confidence and self-esteem.

This practical workshop will provide your employees with insights that can be used straight away and will cover aspects ranging from mindful eating ,weight loss myths, how to create positive thought patterns for successful weight loss, decoding food labels, etc.

Stress Management

Stress is cited as one of the key factors for sickness and absenteeism in your employees.

Banish the stress which increases the risk of chronic conditions with this workshop based on evidence-based mind-body-spirit tools.

The Healthy Heart

The workshop will educate your employees about heart disease and how it affect them. We will discuss the risk factors for heart disease including cholesterol, blood pressure, stress, being overweight, smoking and diet. More importantly they will gain practical tools that will help them to prevent heart disease by adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Diabetes Awareness

The workshop will educate your employees about diabetes, its symptoms and risk factors. The discussion will then turn to the impact of diabetes on their health and quality of life. By end of the workshop the employee will be equipped with practical tools that will help them to prevent or manage diabetes by adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Smoking Cessation and Awareness

Smoking is one of the major factors contributing to the risk of heart disease. In this workshop we will discuss the damage caused by smoking to you, your employees and others (ill-effects), what are some of the barriers to quitting and various resources available to give up the habit. We will then practise some of Mind-body-Spirit techniques which helps you to give up the habit successfully.

Get energised and improve productivity

Nutrition, thoughts and lifestyle have a major impact on energy and productivity levels; this workshop will equip your employees with practical skills to improve energy and productivity levels.

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