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Health coaching

Do any of the following statements relate to you?

I Want To Manage A Chronic Health issue (low back pain, arthritis, chronic fatigue, etc.),
I Am Tired of Being Tired,
I Want To Get In Shape,
I Want To Be Stress Free,
I Want To Eat Better,
I Want To Stop Smoking.

“Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime.”

At Vitality Health Clinic our aim is to help you gain the knowledge, skills, tools and confidence to be an active participant in your own journey towards life full of zest and vitality.

Who can benefit from the programme?

  • Individual clients who are looking to not only manage their chronic health condition but also create a life full of vibrancy.
  • Executive health packages to a corporate client
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How does our service deliver this promise?

  • During an individual consultation and 6-8 week follow up the therapist, in partnership with you, helps to create and execute your healthy life plan.
  • During consultation we discuss your values, beliefs, and bigger goals of your life and then align the healthy behaviour plan to those bigger goals.
  • Assess the emotional impact of chronic illness, teaching you disease-specific skills.
  • Equip you with practical and non-invasive mind-body-spirit techniques that you could use in your everyday life to handle stress, pain and emotional strain.
  • A comprehensive programme of diet, physical activity and exercise will strengthen specific body parts such as back conditioning as well as improving overall aerobic capacity.
  • Stress Management skills such as Mindful meditation, relaxation techniques and Yog nidra.
  • A choice of following an Ayurvedic lifestyle of healthy diet and yogic posture.
  • Providing online support in between the sessions.
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