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Qualifications, Credentials and Volunteer projects


Bachelors of Occupational Therapy, Mumbai University, 2001.

Post graduate training:

University of Chester, UK

  • Cardiovascular Disease, Risk Factors, Investigations and Treatments. 2011

Imperial College London, 2012-2013

  • Preventive Cardiology Theory and practice – 200 hours.
  • Smoking cessation – 200 hours.
  • Prevention and Management of Diabetes - 200 hours.
  • Nutrition and Weight management - 200 hours.
  • Attended Physical activity and exercise for cardiovascular disease.
  • MSc. Due to complete in 2014.


1. Level 1, NCSCT smoking cessation practitioner, 2013.

2. Level 2 NCSCT (full) smoking cessation practitioner, 2013.

3. Yoga trainer with Patanjali Yog Peeth since 2009, UK and self learning since 2001.

4. Fieldwork educator, London South Bank university, 2009.

5. Obesity management, Hinduja hospital, 2005.

6. Sports and Exercise science diploma, Mumbai, 2002. (Institute if Dr. Suratwala , an eminent sports physician of India Under-19 team who is associated with National Cricket Academy).

7. Experience of working in India’s leading fitness chain, Talwalkar’s as an Occupational Therapist and fitness trainer in 2001.

Recent volunteer projects in London

1. Conducted free Yoga classes in Hyde Park , summer 2011.
The exciting adventure of attracting the member of public in Hyde park to Yoga and helping them to improve health, provided me with an immense joy and greater satisfaction.

2. Conducted various health and well-being workshops for senior citizens in Maharashtra Mandal London and local community of North West London, 2012-2013.
The aim of the workshops was to help senior citizens to develop strength, flexibility and balance to avoid falls, eat nutritious food and lead a meaningful life by which they maintain an active role in the society.

3. In early 2013, I was fortunate to be able to co-lead the “Leadership in Well-being Symposium” in London.
The aim of the symposium was to initiate dialogue among well-being professionals in the UK to improve work place productivity, increase team coherence and enhance performance. It was also an enquiry into how we could contribute to attain a “Global wellbeing”. It was an absolute honour to share the space with some well-respected figures in spiritual world, such as, Sister Jayanti from Brahmakumari institute, and receive their blessings in the form of their wisdom.


I am devoted to continue my educational journey by extending my abilities and skills in:

  • Prevention of chronic disease by pursuing Master’s degree in Preventive Cardiology from world renowned Imperial College London. The programme is delivered by an interdisciplinary academic team and clinician from National Heart and Lung Institute, UK and teaches the application of evidence-based principles to real-world clinical practice for establishing positive lifestyle change (smoking cessation, healthy food choices and physical activity).
  • Pelvic health conditioning using mind-body-spirit medicine. Due to personal experience of a therapist turned patient after my child birth, I feel a sense of duty to share the learning and wisdom gained during my amazing journey to recovery with other women.

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